Here’s My Story

Here's My Story 1

My name is Hamaied Louati.

I normally like to cut straight to the chase, but you came here to learn more about me, so here it goes.

Since a young age,I have been attracted to economics, finance and the dynamics around the business world. After getting my masters degree in enterprise management, I built interesting experiences within different multinationals in the financial sector. 

I have always been curious about various investment opportunities. I understood after studying and making my own in depth research that money was not what it really seemed. The system is not perfect and does not allow wealth building by leaving your hard work earnings in your bank account. I wanted to make my money grow.

I was and I am still following the promising business sectors from the beginning of the internet era till the hatching of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

I needed to take action and invest my money in hard, tangible assets and build a diversified portfolio in order to build a hedge against the Deceptive FIAT system.

Investing doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree; it requires you to be smart, attentive, and do the work necessarily to inspect potential opportunities, understand what your money is really going into, and how the entire investment system works.

Am I the only person you should go to for investing advice?

No, not at all. I wouldn’t go to just one person for advice regardless of who they are. But what I can do is this:

I can teach you everything I’ve learned through years of diligence and hard work.

Investing is about doing the work now (investigating, developing volatility ratings, the works) so that you can enjoy your money later as it grows, and makes even more investable money for you.

There’s no time like the present. While you sleep, people are making five and six figures overnight.

It’s time to break into the big leagues, my friend. It’s time to get Real Vision Investments on your side.