Best Real Estate Affiliate Program 2

Best Real Estate Affiliate Program

Real Estate Affiliate Program

The first one to start with is VRBO. The website as its name goes is : It pairs renters who are looking for short-term rental properties around the world. This is a big opportunity because of the market size and how one can play a role globally. If you are someone who likes to work internationally, having a know-how of the international rental listings would definitely be your preferred sense of style. Currently, VRBO has over 2 million property listings.

Signing up is easy and FREE. All you have to do is to go to the website and sign up using a simple fill-in. This affiliate program runs through a junction platform, a commission system they have in pace for affiliates like you. So, you will need to open this account with VRBO to proceed. How much commission can one receive? Commissions can reach to 3% for every person to whom you refer to a VRBO listing. That is almost 20 dollars for every listing you refer to VRBO. They have a cookie policy and their payouts are monthly as well.

Real Estate Express

This one is a study program. It offers online real estate sales courses to the people who want to have insightful learning before they head in the industry, or for the existing real estate agents, investors and stakeholders. The sign up is once again FREE on their website. With a 20% commission on every sale, their cookie policy is 100 days with 15 days as payout duration.

If you are someone who possesses a large following on the social media, or if you have close links with the real estate industry officials as well as aspirants trying to step in real estate, this can be a resolute income-generating source for you. It is connecting the students with the Real Estate Express and that should kick-start your affiliate career.

Real Estate Affiliates

This one is exciting! You can earn money in three ways by using the Real Estate Affiliates channel. There are:

  1. Cost Per Action (CPA) : When you send traffic to their advertisers, you get paid.
  2. Cost Per Lead (CPL): When the referral registers with them and are confirmed, you will be paid.
  3. Revenue Share: When your referral generates revenue, you get a percentage off them as well.

These three commission streams are quite attractive for someone trying to do this for long-term. To sign up, all you have to do is to register on the website for free. Commissions from this can go as high as 25%, the cookie policy is 60 days and payouts can be done twice a month, with the option of Paypal or a simple write transfer.

Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing by Owner is a website and a program where homeowners and renters can find short-term rental properties for their corporate workers. They can place banners, ads or links on your website to offer your visitors find their rentals. It is run through the Sharesale platform and is completely free to sign up. All you have to do is to open a Sharesale account. By signing up, you will open yourself to an opportunity where the cookie policy is 45 days and the commissions can go up to 15%. Also, the payouts are provided from the Sharesale account. Withal, Corporate Housing by Owner is an affiliate of Sharesale and you will be working with both of these entities within a single unit frame.


This is a property management software. It is the optimum choice if you are into apartment buildings and rental property companies. You can use your website for their ads and banners and get started right away. Applying is simple, just sign up on the Buildium Real Estate Marketing Affiliate program through the Impact Platform.

The commissions can go as high as 25% and the cookie policy is 60 days. The payout system is quite unique with this one. They get locked ten days after the last day of the month they’re tracked. So, you will be paid your approved transactions ten days after the day they had originally gotten locked.

Some Tips to Expand Affiliate Potential

The five programs for your real estate affiliate journey would provide you the launching platform. In addition, you would need some tools to ensure your presence online is felt by the visitors. Remember, the more visitors you have, the higher your chances of winning more commissions from these programs. Also, people with a higher following are preferred by these programs because of the reach. They would reward you with even higher commission pays and sometimes; even a partnership/ambassador status.

If you haven’t already, you should have a website for this. Your website should have all the SEO to ensure people are visiting your site and are finding relevant and useful products. You can do this by hiring expert SEO teams/individuals who can really provide you with the search results and rankings you need to be more visible to your clients. There are a lot of great digital marketing promotion methods which you can use in the real estate industry, or you can hire SEO experts as advised earlier.

While keywords can be great for this advertisement, use rich content and by that we mean rich real estate deals to make sure your are ranked and clients are demanding the properties you have on your website. It will help you grab all that traffic and make you an influencer, which is the next step. Yes, influencers can win more affiliate programs than anyone else. When you have a large following on any social media handle, your visitors are your customers. You can position yourself around them and if done right, your content can really make them head over to the affiliate programs and make you richer by each sign up.

If you really believe in the products you are promoting, it is time to take it on another level by running campaigns. Yes, using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Adwords, you can reach many more than you do on just your website. All this traffic can get you the results you wish to achieve with the affiliate programs and the commission goals you have in mind.

As you can see already, it is all a digital process and this means, no pandemic or an external barrier exists to your presence while doing your affiliate marketing. This can be your residual income or a permanent revenue source if you do it with zeal and consistency. Affiliate marketing is not difficult at all. If you are someone who is not good with all this post sharing and making links and what not, enroll in a course and learn the basics of SEO, Marketing, and any other Real Estate Course which might help you in your affiliate career which waits ahead of you. Already an expert and need to start it? Head over to to get started with your affiliate program.

Besides real estate affiliate programs, there are many other options you can choose to become financially independent and earn a handsome passive income. Interested to know more about how we work? Visit our website now and find the program you would like to start with.