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Best Wealth Management Firms 2021: Who Should You Trust with Your Investments? 1

There are currently loads of wealth management firms in the market.

With more and more people understanding the importance of hiring someone to manage their investment and assets, there is sheer confusion among customers – who can they trust with their hard-earned, life-long money?

Here is a list of the best wealth management firms of 2021 that will help make your decision easier. We have started with the winner and followed it up with the runner-up and alternate options that you may opt for depending on your financial needs.

Capitalist Exploits


Capitalist Exploits believes that it is “an investing service built for this moment in history.” It believes that the previous unwinding of the global central monetary stimulus has shaken markets and is responsible for the price swings that we are witnessing today.


Capitalist Exploits works tirelessly to present investment opportunities to their clients with an inverse relationship between the risk taken and the reward attained.

All successful investment outcomes are published in their monthly newsletter. Investors from all over the world take advantage of Capital Exploits due to their high success rate and are able to make big money in the process.

When signing up for Capitalist Exploits, subscribers are allowed access to an investor’s forum, which has more than 450 existing members.

This full-fledged company promises the best investing and trading experience. It usually deals with Bitcoins, natural resources, commodities, and options.

Moreover, Capitalist Exploits are famous for getting 5 to 10 times the return on their investments. Their newsletters are gaining more and more popularity each day, with over 20,000 members currently.


Capitalist Exploits is known as a financial guru in the market. It was created to provide expert advice on investment to the people who subscribe to its newsletter.

There are a number of professional investors on the board and team who are always available to people looking to subscribe to their services. The Capitalists Exploits team is located in different parts of the world.

They ensure that they are spread out all over the globe so that they can explore different opportunities for investment returns. That is primarily the reason why Capitalist Investments is known to make more than 1000% ROI.

The best part about Capitalist Exploits is that all 20,000 investors can view the newsletter for free. Those members who have subscribed to the firm can conduct regular, direct interactions with expert investment professionals, including Chris ManIntoch.

Capitalist Exploits is known to maximize returns almost five to six times while minimizing all kinds of risks and potential losses. Anyone who signs up for it can avail the 30-day cancellation policy and get their money back in case they are not satisfied with Capitalist Exploit’s strategies.


Sadly, Capitalist Exploit’s insider service does not provide much information on how asymmetrical opportunities are found by their experts. In theory, all seems well, but no one really knows how they manage it.

Moreover, subscription fees need to be for an entire year upfront. This makes it harder for small investors who do not have much membership capital, to begin with. Hence, we can assume that Capitalist Exploits only focuses on a certain class.

Final Verdict

Capitalist Exploits free newsletter has a vast following of 20,000 investors. This means that it is a trusted service that many money managers turn to. Since they have a money-back policy, you can easily try their strategies and make your decision on whether or not you want to trust them with your investments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are wealth management firms worth it?

Best Wealth Management Firms 2020: Who Should You Trust With Your Investments?

Definitely! A wealth management firm offers a range of benefits and helps you add some value to your investments.

They offer guidance on your investment strategy, help you allocate assets wisely, minimize your taxes, help with rebalancing, and add structure to your retirement account.

Without expert advice, an individual’s returns can fall drastically. The best wealth management firms can keep their client’s emotions in check by offering fact-based advice and reassurance when the market is unstable. This is one of the biggest advantages of a wealth management firm.

What is the difference between wealth management and asset management?

Asset management, based on the term, means the management of your assets.

Even though assets including all financial holdings, asset management focuses on an individual’s investments. Investments may include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and other options used to increase wealth.

Asset managers help you figure out the investments that are better suited to your unique financial position. They guide you through asset allocation and teach you how to allocate investable assets in different asset classes.

On the other hand, wealth management is based on investigating an individual’s financial situation and finding ways to protect that wealth and maximize it in the future.

Wealth management includes tax planning, education planning, legacy planning, estate planning, insurance, charitable giving, and retirement planning.

While asset management aims to increase an investor’s money, wealth management looks at all aspects of an investor’s financial position and takes steps to ensure security.

What does a wealth manager do?

Wealth managers are similar to financial advisors. They are perfect for serving high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth people. They offer advice based solely on your financial position.

Wealth managers invest your money for you by setting up trusts for your family and children, plan your taxes and insurance, do your legal planning, sort out your philanthropic budget, and put money aside for retirement. To put it simply, wealth managers provide holistic wealth guidance.

How much should you trust them?

Some wealth managers assume a risk appetite without asking any key questions.

They make no attempt to understand a customer’s overall life insurance needs and have inferior knowledge of taxation and investment rules. Moreover, they do not offer comprehensive advice and might focus too much on investments that are irrelevant for the client.

Can you manage your own wealth as well?

The truth is, a financial advisor can assist you with all your financial planning, manage your tax ramifications based on your income, set up donor-run funds for your charitable payments, and help you figure out where to allocate your wealth.

Most people do not have as much knowledge as wealth managers, which is why they need help figuring out their retirement income needs. Wealth allocation can be a tricky process.

Many individuals do not know how to invest their money, which is why they end up losing large amounts. It is always better to take some extra help so that you can protect and preserve your wealth and assets.


Who do you think would match the criteria for managing your investments and assets? Do you believe that our list of best wealth management firms meets the needs of the current market, or do you think someone else deserves better recognition?

Whatever you do, make sure to do your research before choosing a management firm. There are many financial firms available in the market. All you have to do is read reviews, talk to customers, and trust your gut. Good luck!

Best Wealth Management Firms 2021: Who Should You Trust with Your Investments? 2

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