Goldco Precious Metals Review

Goldco Precious Metals Review

Goldco Precious Metals, also known as Goldco, is one of the leading brokerage firm based in California, U.S.

It offers IRAs funded by precious metals and provides assistance in rolling over conventional retirement funds to precious metal IRAs.

Let’s take a closer look at what investment options the company offers and what makes it one of the most desirable investment firms.

Goldco – Overview

Goldco Precious Metals, also referred to as Goldco, is a prominent precious metals firm based in Woodland Hills, California. Since its inception in 2006, the company has changed several names, including Goldco Direct and Goldco Precious Metals.

Today, with more than a decade of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Goldco is one of the fastest-growing financial services companies in the U.S.

Goldco offers precious metal IRAs funded by gold and silver but for investors who want to diversify the risk, the company also provides platinum and palladium. Additionally, the company allows its clients to convert their existing IRAs and 401(k) retirement accounts into precious metals IRAs.

The company founder Trevor Gerszt coming from a South African origin, has a precious metal collection family legacy. When he first reached the U.S. at the age of 6, he was already spending his free time collecting gold numismatic coins.

And when he started the company, he was just 26 years old, but the company has a collective experience of more than 100 years that is quite sufficient to guide investors in making the right decision.

Why Precious Metal IRAs?

Why Precious Metal IRAs?

The 2008 economic meltdown is relatively recent.

And investors are still recovering from significant losses.

So how can you keep your wealth safe while enjoying returns on investment?

Historically, precious metals are more resistant to economic fluctuations. Moreover, metal prices are not correlated to stock market performance. These two significant reasons make precious metals a safe investment to hedge against inflation and stock market volatility.

And Goldco capitalizes on this advantage. It works on the principle of protecting their clients’ wealth for the golden years of their lives. Offering excellent customer support, educational resources and exceptional service, Goldco is a top trusted financial service company.

Goldco Services

Goldco Services

Goldco offers four broad categories of services.

  • Precious Metal IRAs,
  • Non-IRA Precious Metals Purchase,
  • 401(K) Rollover, and
  • IRA planning. 

Precious Metal IRAs – Gold and Silver IRAs

This service splits into Gold IRAs and Silver IRAs. Once you work with the company, you get information about opening a Gold IRA or a silver IRA. Goldco provides detailed insight on whether to invest in coins or bullion.

The company also assists its clients in purchasing IRS-approved coins and bullion. However, since the company works with a custodian company, Goldco only acts as a broker and not the custodian of your IRA.

While gold and silver are the most popular assets in precious metal IRAs, for investors who want to diversify their portfolios, Goldco also offers platinum and palladium.

Non-IRA Precious Metals Purchase

If you are an investor who does not want to invest in an IRA but are only willing to purchase precious metals, you can buy them through the company.

Goldco offers IRA-approved gold and silver coins and bars that you can directly purchase from the purchase. These featured products are highlighted in the next section.

401(k) Rollover

A rollover is a relatively straightforward and tax-free process but only when you work with the right company.

At Goldco, you can rollover your traditional or any other type of IRA into a Precious Metals IRA in a hassle-free manner.

IRA Planning

The company also relies on educational resources that help investors make a more informed decision. It offers resources on how to open a simple gold and/or silver IRA.

Moreover, you get access to resources to compare a Traditional and Roth IRA and how you can roll them over into precious metals IRA.

If you need more information or extra assistance on SEP IRAs, Goldco offers relevant material on the eligibility requirements and contribution limits to the IRA as well.

Featured Products

Featured Products

As mentioned earlier, Goldco is not just a financial service company that offers precious metal IRAs but also provides the facility to purchase precious metals directly through the company.

When you invest in precious metals, such as gold and silver, they are a store of value that can also serve as a currency in times of economic turmoil.

And this is precisely why Goldco facilitates the direct purchase of IRA- approved precious metals through the company. However, the company does not allow paper-backed investments, such as Gold Exchange Traded Funds and certificates.

Some of the featured products include:

IRA-Approved Gold Products

Gold Australian Saltwater Crocodile Coins

The limited mintage coin, the Australian saltwater crocodile, is one of the most sought-after coins worldwide.

Available in ¼ ounce with a 999 fineness, it is a highly respected alternative to U.S. currency.

Royal Mint Lunar Series Coin

With a face value of 25 pounds, the Royal Mint Lunar Series coin is the fifth official coin portraying Queen Elizabeth II.

The series featuring a 12-year lunar calendar is likely to remain in demand for several years. And regardless, it is minted to a fineness of 999, so it comes with guaranteed purity.


Gold bars from various producers are available for purchase. All gold bars are IRA-approved and 99.9 pure. You can choose from the wide variety of sizes that are available at Goldco. Some of the most popular choices include 1 oz., 5 oz., 10 oz. and 100 oz.

There are several other IRA-approved gold products that you purchase through the company. 

IRA-Approved Silver Products

When it comes to purchasing silver products, Goldco has slightly different considerations than the purchase of gold. Since silver is a highly sought after industrial metal, the IRS has strict silver rules to qualify as IRA-approved.

Moreover, Goldco does not recommend home storage of your silver as it is not IRS-approved. Some of the silver products that you can purchase through Goldco include.

Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodile

The 99.9% pure, ½ ounce silver coin is one of the most sought after silver investments in the U.S.

Silver Lucky Dragon

Produced at the Royal Canadian mint, this one ounce, 999 fineness silver coin is another IRA-approved silver coin that you can purchase with Goldco.

Several other IRA-approved silver products are available for purchase.

Storage Protocols

Storage Protocols

When you invest in a precious metal IRA, Goldco does not offer the storage of your asset. However, they offer their clients assistance in transferring their prized metal assets to a safe and secure third-party depository.

The company works with the top three storage providers in the industry, including Delaware Depository, Brinks Storage (Salt Lake City) and IDS (Texas).

These depositaries use state-of-the-art technology to keep your asset safe. Different storage facilities offer both segregated and non-segregated storage types and charge an annual storage fee that the client has to pay.

Goldco does not offer any storage facility for the precious metals that you purchase through the company. When you make a purchase, you can either request your asset’s delivery at your home or arrange for a secure vault, depending upon your preference.

Goldco Costs

The company’s website does not offer pricing details, but it claims to be one industry leader that works on the “as low as” costing method.

The costs you incur will depend upon the services you are choosing. Below are some of the costs that you need to pay as you invest with Goldco.

For Precious Metals IRA

Goldco requires its clients to invest at least $25,000 for precious metal IRAs. On this massive investment, you just have to pay the following.

  • One-Time setup fee: $50
  • One-Time Wire Fee: $30

Annually, you will have to pay a maintenance fee of $80 and a storage fee of $100. If you go for the non-segregated storage (which is also the Goldco recommended storage), you will have to pay an additional $50.

Non-IRA Transactions

For all other non-IRA transactions, Goldco does not charge any fee.

However, for non-IRA transactions, the company has a minimum investment requirement of $3,500.

What Makes Goldco One of the Best in Town?

What Makes Goldco One of the Best in Town?

By now, you already know a lot about Goldco, but there is a lot more that makes the company one of the most attractive investment options for many investors.

Let’s look at seven reasons why you should also invest with Goldco.

Superior Offers For New Customers

If you are a new customer, you get an added advantage of investing with the company. Goldco offers a complete fee waiver for the first year when you set up an account with an investment of $50,000 or more.

Additionally, when you place a qualified order for over $50,000, you earn a 5% return in free metals.

So, if you set up an account with exactly $50,000, here is what you could save

  • $320 in fee and
  • $2,500 worth of free metals (depending upon which metal you invest it).

What are you waiting for?

Exceptional Customer Service

Customers are of unique significance at Goldco. After all, the client experience defines the company. Goldco offers exceptional customer service and ensures that every client is completely satisfied.

And while this is not always easy, the staff and management at Goldco go above and beyond to provide a satisfaction-guaranteed experience to all its clients.

Low Fees

With exceptional service coupled with low cost, what more can an investor ask for?

The company’s low-cost model is one of the most cost-effective ones in the industry.

For precious metals, you pay very minimal maintenance and storage fee on an annual basis along with a one-time setup cost. For non-IRA transactions, you don’t pay anything. That’s right. Nothing, Zero!

Easy 401(k) Rollovers

Rollovers are simple. But only when you choose the right company.

At Goldco, you can have a quick and hassle-free rollover. All you have to do is open a new Goldco Precious Metals IRA, and the company representative will help you identify ways to fund your precious metal IRA using your old IRA.

Once the funds transfer is complete, you can choose your preferred metals for your IRA. The company specialist will offer advice on which metals are best, depending on your investment objectives. The smooth and hassle-free rollover process at Goldco can take up to 10 working days.

Alternate Buyback Program

So you invested in precious metals for some reasons that are not valid now?

Sell your precious metal, and Goldco will repurchase it. And the best part is you will surely get a better price here.

All-encompassing Educational Resources

New to the investment world?

Don’t worry! At Goldco, you can access extensive educational resources to keep you informed about the right choice of investment in current scenarios.

Whether it’s a war, recession, COVID-19 pandemic and more, you can figure out how to keep your investment safe by merely accessing blogs, articles, eBooks, videos and a lot more available on the company website.

And as always, if something is not clear, the best customer support that Goldco offers will always be happy to address all your questions and concerns.

Best Available Storage Depositories

As per the IRS regulations, all precious metal IRAs’ assets need to be stored at a third-party depository.

Goldco knows that your investment is valuable and needs a safe vault. The company works with the three best depositories in the industry known for security and technology that keep your precious metals safe.

In a nutshell, Goldco is an excellent choice because

  • It offers low fees with exceptional customer service,
  • Goldco does not charge a fee for non-IRA transactions,
  • The company has unique offers for new customers,
  • Goldco works relentlessly for a hassle-free rollover and
  • Lastly, it knows how to keep your investment safe.

Perhaps, the only undesirable aspect of investing with Goldco is that it requires a minimum investment of $25,000 for precious metal IRAs. Moreover, it does not offer a facility of online account set up.

Getting Started With the Investment

Getting Started With the Investment

If you think not having an online option is a hassle, think again.

Because investing with Goldco at their physical location is as convenient as investing with the company from the comfort of your home. Here is a quick overview of the entire investment process at Goldco.

Step 1

Simply call a customer support representative at the number mentioned on the website, which is 877-360-0011.

Your customer support representative will guide you on how to proceed – either transfer to an IRA Specialist or set up an appointment for some other time.

Step 2

Depending on which route you take, your IRA specialist will take all your information required to complete your application. Once your application is complete, your IRA specialist will open your account and request for fund transfer.

Step 3

With funds in the account, now you get a chance to speak to your Account Executive, an individual with exceptional knowledge about precious metals that best serve your need.

That’s it! 

The simple, three-step process can take a few working days, and your desired precious metals will be transferred to your chosen depository.

In case, Goldco is out of stock for a particular metal, the company will arrange for your desired precious metals and send them to the depository within three to four weeks.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing a precious metal IRA company for your wealth is not a very easy decision. After all, you will have to invest your life long saving for a retirement plan that needs to serve you in the golden years of your life. And that is a huge decision.

While several gold dealers are available on the market that offer almost similar facilities, Goldco is an exception that you must go for.

Its customer-centric, low-cost approach is perhaps the most significant reason Goldco is a safe haven for investors looking for precious metal IRAs. And the process of opening and managing an account is as easy as it sounds.

From opening the account to selecting the right metals, you get professional assistance at every step. Once you invest in a precious metal IRA, you get access to a specialist who managed your account, and you can just sit back and enjoy.

And you don’t just get exceptional service when you invest in an IRA. The highly committed management and staff can guide you as you go for any other non-IRA transaction with the company.

Whether you want to augment your retirement savings with precious metals IRA or simply wish to purchase precious metals so you can store value for your wealth, you just can’t go wrong with Goldco. 

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